Aliens has replace World Leaders with Clones.

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The Clone Conspiracy: Royal and Presidential Clones



Aliens has replace World Leaders with Slave Clones:  

posted on Oct, 26 2009 @ 10:41 AM


Fellow ATSers, 

This subject is at last ready for full-fledged status as a Conspiracy Theory

This is why this thread is posted in the "General Conspiracy Discussion" section of ATS, where it rightfully belongs. 

As an introductory preamble to the subject, I shall resume the following: 

- There has been a great deal of Science Fiction literature and filmography about Clones, their underlying technology, their purpose and their utilization. 

- Today's mainstream scientific technology has established that cloning is well within our technical abilities. 

- There is good reason to assume that the ruling Elites and their Intelligence Agencies, Military Black Operations Programs and Secret Societies have access to knowledge which is kept from public view. This is the reason this website exists: some things are Above Top Secret. 

- There have been quite a few threads here and on other message boards about political figures including presidents having been replaced by doubles, clones or synthetic robotoids. 

- Royal families have been historically obsessed with genetics, their own bloodlines being the seat of their power and the focus of their legitimacy as rulers. 

- There is ample photographic evidence of doubles, either exact duplicates or extremely similar individuals to provoke a suspicion of some sort of genetic replication, either natural and spontaneous or artificial and engineered. 

Now that these issues have been outlined, here is the CLONE Conspiracy: 

State Leaders have been, at least for some, CLONED. 

Clones may be replacements of genuine human born Presidents or Monarchy rulers, unless such rulers are genetically engineered from "birth". 

Cloning of human leaders is done by unknown parties, yet to be identified entities, who have Conspired to impose Mind Controlled Clones as our earthly rulers. 

To discuss this Conspiracy Theory, please start by examining the following links and researching the subject to substantiate your ideas or claims: 


Secret History: Cloning the Romanov Tsars 

Zbigniew Brzeziński's Clones: President Jimmy Carter

Zbigniew Brzeziński's Clones: President Barack Obama 


Please, no hooting, yelling, insulting disrespect of other posters in this thread. Only civilized and courteous behavior is becoming of our friendly ATS community. Nobody is being asked to believe outrageous allegations or to consider this thread makes any declarations of concrete facts. 

Like any Conspiracy Theory, this is "Just a theory" and does not need to be supported with hard evidence. The absence of evidence does not make it any less of a theory, it only makes it harder to believe. Some truths are not supported by objective evidence until decades later. Some lies are supported by evidence which is later rejected. Evidence is a useful tool to determine truth, but in itself it is not truth. 

Please contribute with rational arguments, logical deductions, hypothetical analysis, convergence of observations, associative connections, creative thinking. Stubborn demands to produce evidence will not be entertained as they serve no other purpose than to reject theories which are not those of The Establishment. 

Thanks for your fun, constructive, speculative, controversial, imaginative ideas to enrich the Conspiracy Theory Discussion of Royal and Presidential Clones


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