Hi Alert Warning!!! Outer Space Aliens Invasion of the Planet Earth already begun over West Leaders UN Space Command Accomplices Unmask.

16/04/2016 16:54



As Intelligence Paper Work be wrote by Main World Whistleblowers & Patriots Military Intelligence Officers Honor Team, was Im feel the privilege of belong and the us Planet Thank give a High Congratulations for all Patriot Skills over the Humanity Freedom Defense Defense

of the Human Race Warriors our Creator Jehova Faith Light Way Guide Bless.

In Peace and Love the Creator be with you!





The “New World Order” Conspiracy of Human Slavery Mind Control AI IT Sys Media Entertain Torture , Pedophiles Devil Followers Extermination “Elite” Planet Take Over. With WWIII Self Destruction Detonation Planet Orbit Spaceship Few Supervivence Aliens Lie Mind Control Shoot Down to Finally Get All. Suffer Reward-Punishment Use and Throw Learned Strategy as Governments Traitor Buy Structure Management.

Shows was The Final Judgement Good and Evil Fight Law and Fire Power Battlefield Everyone Action Right Now Time has come. Demostrate was so far of Life and Death like Immortal Warriors Universe Heavens Victory, with the Perfect Balance Focus over Accuracy, Speed and Power, feel the Masters Right Philosophy of: “The Power of the Warrior consist on Own Peace, how Protect it as Intelligence, how Defend it as Force and how Enjoy it as Love”.


Aliens Races Presence in our Planet Inform:


KGV Map of Aliens Bases in Earth:


Aliens Plan and their Underground Sites:


World Countrys Military & Aliens AREA 51 Facilities Inform:


Mind Control Inform:


Aliens Special Weapons:


Aliens Colonial Marines Technical Manual:


US Colonial Marine Corps:


US President Obama Secret Army Inform:


UN Space Command: 


 Message from the Intergalactic Council of the 5th dimension ...

14 sept. 2011 - Subido por ASHTARHELLAS

Message from the Intergalactic Council of the 5th dimension and commander Astraeos - Ashtar. Τhe message ...

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About the Andromeda Council




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The Andromeda Council is an intergalactic and interstellar governance & development body of aligned benevolent star systems & planets.

Galactic Council (Earth-616) - Marvel Database - Wikia



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Galactic Council (Earth-616) from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 2 001 · Gallery · Information-silk ... Intergalactic Council, Intergalatic Tribunal. Information-silk.

Intergalactic Council - Ologypedia - Wikia




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The Intergalactic Council is the governing body of the known universe. It specialises in protecting the various intelligent species of the universe from major ...

Why I believe the Intergalactic Alien Council Exists!!!, page 1 ...




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9 jun. 2008 - 20 entradas - ‎6 autores

I believe that we can say with full certainty that there is a galactic counsel in existence, and that our fears of what lies out there are unfounded.

The InterGalactic Council Of Twelve | The Galactic Free Press




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13 feb. 2012 - The InterGalactic Council Of Twelve. glr_Andrea's picture. Submitted by glr_Andrea on Mon, 02/13/2012 - 09:40 ...

Pleiadian Emissaries of Light - Goddess Light




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Messages from the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light & the Intergalactic Council. play; pause; stop; min volume; max volume; previous; next.

Intergalactic Council | StarMade Dock



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And so the Council of Intergalactic Representatives (aka. the Intergalactic Council, or just the Council) was formed, where elected citizens would bring forth the ...

Intergalactic Board of Council's Communiqués
















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