Palestine Gaza Defense Urban Warfare Military Strategy & Tactics.

19/07/2014 20:30



Israeli Invasion of Gaza Menace will be Defeated by Palestine’s Pla, Hamas, Fateh and Al-Aqsa with the Hezbollah Allies all Sacred Warriors of Allah!


I’m like the Intelligence Global Operator called ONE, have the Great Honor of add the Military Urban Warfare Gaza Defense Strategy & Tactics.

Over Troops Urban Warfare Organization in One Lt. Leader of 5 Soldiers Cell with AK47 Assault Rifles and RPG Rockets Deployment on Buildings 1st and 2nd  Floor Fire, Include Corner Apartments Balcony and Windows Mortar Fire Teams with Snipers and Anti-Air Man Pad Missiles Launchers Teams in Roofs Deployment.


Combat Mobility Defensive & Offensive Moves Tactics.


Friendly Fire Avoidance Tactic.


Gaza Satellite Map.

Organize One Lt. 5 Troops Cell Leader over 2 Cell Captain, 5 Cell Mayor and 10 Cell Commanders under Coronels and Generals Asymmetric Concentric Pyramidal Modular One Single Vertical Command.

Use Trucks, Pick Ups and Cars for Troops Combat Moves, Medical Assistance and Logistics Underground Depos Safe Routes Transport Network, over Motorcycles Ammo and Weapons Delivery at Combat Front.

On Special Weapons how Motorcycles with Sidecar Anti-Tank Rocket Launcher and Anti-Tank Mines Seed, Being Land to Land Short Range Fajr-5 Missiles Fire at Main Gaza Routes Entrance Enemy Intrusion Hostile Welcome and Anti-Ship C-802  Missiles Launchers Mobile Bases in as Coast, like Heavy Defensive & Offensive Military Response. Count with as Ally Iran’s Satellite Targeting Photos War Planning Logistic, UNHCR Carps Camps Gaza Civilians Evacuation and Arab World with as Global Allies Charity Financial Product Defense Financing.


Has Accomplish My Honor Owe Duty with Palestine Great Nation, I give a Hi Respect Regards to all of you! Best, Al.



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