07/09/2010 18:26


Punish & Rewards Psy Action Coercion to the enemy good will dominion, must have the punish and hazards provoke by as balance over the convenience rewards to they choices good to as by our Psy Coercion activity management, without not wake the enemy Rebel Freedom feelings by the right switch between Punish & Rewards, also not let they have and think in another options choices from the third player ally to isolate under as dominion too, put like the special targets the decision makers enemy gov. structure to broke, over they error induction of as strategic advantages intel operations with Clandestine and Financial resources management of as enemies and their allies dominion, divide as enemies power hazards to as put to each other hostilities broke their alliances by be trade of it induction, over take overs worth options how a part of as rewards manipulations intel operations resources management success.


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