U.S. & NATO Ivasion of Ukraine and Russia's Ukraine Defense Military Op. Strategy.

10/05/2014 03:04

Ukraine National Resistance Movement against the Illegal Neo Nazi Interim Government.

Eastern Ukraine Donetsk and Luhansk People Vote Victory in the May 11 Self Determination Independence Russia Annexation Referendum over the next Slovyansk, Kramatorsk, Krasnoarmeysk and Mariupom East Region Independence Russia Annexation Referendums soon.

Anonymous Exposes U.S. Invasion of Ukraine Plans.

U.S. Planning Terrorist Attacks in Ukraine.

USA Military Force Deployments to Invade Ukraine.

NATO Weighs East Europe Military Deployments for Ukraine Crisis Response.

NATO is in not Position to Protect Eastern Europe from Russia.

Ukraine War Strategic Maps.

Russia's Ukraine Defense War Strategic Military Plans Options.


The U.S. & NATO Military Invasion of Ukraine Plan are create the Black Sea Navy Cruise Missiles and Eastern Europe AFB's Bombers Warplanes Fire Covering to Navy Seals & Airborne Comandos Assault Invasion with already in position Mercenaries Guerrila Terrorist Attacks and Ukraine Interim Government Military Support. With the Ukraine's Air Space Control Objetive from Eastern Europe NATO AFB's to Confront Russia's Air Force Power in Ukraine Borders. Over the Difficulty of the Black Sea Russian Navy War Ships and Crimea Anti-Ships Missiles Strong Deployment and Russian Air Force Bases near to Ukraine Borders Warplanes More Combat Autonomy than NATO Eastern Europe AFB's Ones.


The Russian Military Defensive Strategy in Eastern Ukraine begin with Civilian Evacuation to Russia Frontiers Refugees Carp Camps. And Asymmetric Concentric Rings of Army Troops Sand Bags Fortification Difficult Bombing Targeting Disemination Campaments over Underground Tunnels Network Fortress with Mines Safe Perimeter, Tanks and Air to Air Shoulder Missiles Launchers Personal Defense. Like Troops Cheeck Points Patrol Speed Reaction Forces and Anti-Air Missiles and Batteries SAM Network Military Bases Deployment in Luhansk, Slovyansk, Kramatorsk, Krasnoarmeysk, Donetsks Mariupol, Zaporizhia, Meritopol, Odessa and Transnistria. With Logistics Land, Air and Sea (Include Rivers) Secure Protected Feed Routes. Here the Eastern Ukraine Main Routes Map:

Being the Offensive Strategy Land, Sea and Air Cities Asymmeric Concentric Rings Military Deployment of Short-Middle Range Land to Land Missiles, Sea Cruise Missiles and Air Space Interceptor Warplanes & SAM Air Defense Coordinated Spectrum Fire Space Control and Bombers Raids Escort, how support of the Special Operations Comandos & Light Cavallry Occupation Operations after Russia Saturation Missiles and Raids Bombings Coordinated Set Strikes to Enemy Bases.. Include the Enemy HQ's Comunications Russian Psy Action Orders Editions Cyber War and EMP Blasts Sabotage.Russia Military Options Against Ukraine

Eastern Ukraine Self Determination Independendence Russia Annexation Referendums Victory, give Russia Military Deployment on East Ukraine International Right, by be a new Sovereign State Member of The Russia Federation.

The Doubt of Low Intensity Conventional War in Ukraine WWIII Escalation Detonation, are the West Supervivence High Reason to Achieve with the International Law World Peace Rule.

U.S. & NATO Encircle Russia Strategy and Russia's Military Countermeasure WWIII Victory Strategy.








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